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                  首頁>產品中心> 鉚釘>6mm 鑲鉆撞釘
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                    BASIC INFORMATION

                    Item6mm Rhinestones Decorative Rivet
                    ColorYellow,as your request  
                    Size6mm,as your request
                    Logo N/M or upon your request
                    TechnologyPainting ,Plating  ,engraved

                    Free if in the stock,but freight paid by the buyer


                    1. T/T,  Paypal for small order

                    2. 30% down payments,70% before delivery for bulk order

                    DELIVERY TIME

                    Sample          About 3 days                                                                                                          
                    Mass Productions 7-15 working days after confirming order

                    OUR ADVANTAGES


                    Direct factory price                      
                    Quality          The most excellent quality with over 15 years reliable and experienced manufacturer

                    1,Eco-friendly, Nickle&Lead free,we have BV certification

                    2,Won't change color and rust

                    3,Design the productions as you like,ODM and OEM are welcome

                    Lead TimeShort time (7-15days)
                    After-Sale Service

                    Provide “7 × 24h” service




                    Note:All of our products can be customized . You can choose the sizes, materials,shapes, colors,logos what you want .
                    Before quote you the price,we will be appreciated if you can provide the information below:

                    1.Material & Size
                    2.Color & Quality
                    4.Product image (you like)

                    If possible ,pls provide the above information to us ,if you are not clearly, we will give you the best advice according to

                    your requirement.




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                    Company Information


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